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A new, fresh shipment of House Plants and Air Plants have arrived!

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Advantek Catch & Release Animal Traps 2pk includes the two most popular sizes of live animal traps, Large 32 x 12 x 10 and small 24 x 7 x 7.
Valid 8/01 - 8/31/2015
A wireless containment system to contain your dog, no wire to bury, rechargeable collar eliminates need to buy batteries resulting in big savings over the life of the product.
Valid 8/01 - 8/31/2015


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Dropping Boards – De-Poop Your Coop!

Even the healthiest chickens can make a massive mess inside their coop as feces, dirt and feathers accumulate in such a small space.

Tips for Travelling with Dogs in Cars

A trip anywhere really isn’t complete without the four-legged members of our family tagging along for the ride. However, travelling with your pet requires a little more consideration than loading your dog in the car and driving off into the sunset.

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  • How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

    Your yard was the envy of the neighborhood this year. But now it’s time to pack things up for the winter season. We’ll show you the steps to prepare your lawn and garden for winter to ensure your yard survives the harsh cold temperatures. Read more.